All you need for amazing product photos: Meet New Claid

Connect Claid to your favorite tools
for automated workflows

Automatically send your edited and generated Claid images to 6000+ apps in a few simple steps

Free up your time illustration


Free up your time

No more juggling repetitive tasks like manual editing, generating, and uploading images to different platforms. The Claid x Zapier integration automates all these tasks for you, letting you focus on what truly matters.

Easy setup, lasting impact illustration


Easy setup, lasting impact

Start in minutes with Claid zap templates. A few clicks now, endless hours saved later.

Data security illustration


Data security

Both Claid and Zapier have robust security features to protect your data. Both use industry-standard security measures, such as encryption and data loss prevention.

Less costs & stress

Takes the burden of remembering and completing product photography tasks off your shoulders. Helps minimize manual editing errors.
As a result, you'll enjoy higher quality work and save on costs.

Less costs & stress illustration

Just a few clicks to go:
our ready-to-use templates
are here for you

Or set up your custom integration
in 4 simple steps


Get your Claid API key

Sign up for a Pro trial and go to 'Integrations' -> 'API Keys'. Generate a key for automation setup.

Get your Claid API key illustration


Choose a trigger

A trigger is an event that starts the automation. You need to choose an app or software that Zapier supports as your trigger. An example of a trigger is uploading a new file to your commonly-used platform (e.g., Shopify, Google Drive, WordPress, Slack).

Choose a trigger illustration


Choose your Claid action

From brighter colors to cleaner backgrounds and more detailed images, get the look you want, easily.

Choose your Claid action illustration


Final event and action

Choose an app or software where you want to send your Claid edited and generated images to.

Final event and action illustration

Set up your first Zap!

Quickly automate Claid AI integrations with Zapier's templates

Is this available to all Claid users?
Unfortunately, no. This Claid x Zapier integration is only available to Claid Professional Plan subscribers.
How do I subscribe to a Claid Professional Plan?
You can easily subscribe to the Professional Plan by visiting our Pricing page.
Is this automation hard to set up and maintain?
It’s not. You can set it up and publish a simple workflow in 10 minutes. It will take longer for more complicated workflows, like using 5 or more apps.

For new Zapier users, creating a first zap requires a little bit of a learning curve. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. To make it easier for you, we’ve created a couple of Claid zap templates to get you started.

A zap is a way to connect two or more apps and automate tasks between them using Zapier.

Nope, it’s not hard to maintain, either. You can check it from time to time or if there’s an error in your zap. We have a comprehensive documentation of this integration for your convenience.
Is it expensive?
You can automate multiple workflows for only $49/month,’s Professional Plan.
Is this available in Claid API?
Yes, this integration is available in Claid API. Please feel free to check out this documentation regarding this.
Are there any other charges I should be aware of?
This integration works on Zapier. Zapier has different pricing tiers, depending on your needs. Other apps or software that you want to incorporate in your automated workflow might have extra charges, so it’s better to confirm first with them.
Whom can I reach out to for this integration?
You can always reach out to if you need help with setting it up. We’re always at your service.