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Generate, enhance, and edit product images with ease. Explore key features with a Free trial!
Claid Web Plans
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Save $120
Free trial
Explore the product’s capabilities before subscribing
Free / 5 uploads
Get to know Claid:
  • Access to all the features included in the Professional plan
  • Upload up to 5 product images (use sample products w/o limits)
  • 50 API credits to explore Claid API and Zapier integrations

Try before you buy

Get familiar with Claid and all the features from our Professional plan with 5 trial images

See full features
Key features
Free trial
Upscale (enhance) image
Increase image resolution & boost its quality
Resize and crop
Tailor image dimensions to your needs
Remove background
Isolate the product from backgrounds
Correct colors
Automatically fix colors and lighting
Generate background from a template
Curated templates for background generation
100+ templates
100+ templates
100+ templates
Text-to-image background generation
Create a template from a text description
Upload your own templates
Background generation from your image
Outpaint (extend) image
Extend your image with AI
Export to popular formats
Instagram stories, Shopify products, and more
Browse history
Track your image generation history
24 hours
1 month
3 months
API Starter Pack
50 credits to explore our API or Zapier
Upload images
Restriction on the size of uploaded images
Up to 10 MB / 48 MP
Up to 10 MB / 24 MP
Up to 20 MB / 48 MP
Download images
Restriction on the size of downloaded images
Up to 128 MP
Up to 64 MP
Up to 128 MP
Chat support
Tech support

Unlock Maximum Value

Automate your image workflows with Claid API

Automate image enhancement and generation at scale using our best-in-class API. Use Claid API to easily improve the quality, contents and delivery of your images. Get started with your API Key available in the Claid Pro plan, or talk to our team for help with big projects.

Real-time and batch processing
Integrate Claid API for image processing at scale and optimize your workflow. Spend less time editing and more time creating captivating content.
Max resolution
Experience images in stunning detail with Claid API's max resolution capabilities. Create visuals that are sharp, crisp, and breathtakingly clear.
Easy to integrate with
Get started in no time and enjoy powerful image enhancement capabilities without unnecessary complexity. You can always rely on the up-to-date, thorough documentation.
Volume discounts
Scale your image enhancement and generation operations without scaling up costs. Claid API offers volume discounts that make efficiency affordable.
What shall I expect from the Free Trial plan?
You will get access to all the features included in our Professional plan. However, you will only be able to upload up to 5 product images. After that, you can continue exploring our tool using sample products or upgrade to one of the paid plans to use your own product images.
How many images can I improve and generate?
We encourage you to experiment without worrying about the limitations. For normal use, you should not encounter any limits. However, we do have some checks in place to prevent users from overloading or abusing the system.
Is it possible to adjust my Claid subscription, like upgrading, downgrading, or canceling it?
Yes, it’s possible to upgrade, downgrade or cancel your Claid Plan. Contact our Care team at support@claid.ai
I’m a developer interested in your product. Which plan shall I buy?
As part of our Free Trial, you get 100 API credits that you can use to explore Claid API. Once you are ready, purchase a dedicated API plan on this page (you do not need to buy a paid Web plan).
Are the images generated or edited subject to any Claid copyright?
No, images generated using Claid are not subject to copyright.