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Expand your images, seamlessly

Claid’s Generative Resize is an AI image expander that automatically generates new content based on the original ones, all without the need for prompts

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High-quality expanded images

Expand your images vertically and horizontally without loss of image quality. 

Image consistency

The new additions effortlessly mix with your original image, creating a beautiful unified look.

No need to use prompts

Generate bigger, realistic AI images in just a few clicks without using prompts or having any prior photo editing experience.

Custom and preset size flexibility

Tailor image sizes to your needs or effortlessly pick from any of the preset options, all guaranteed to meet Shopify, Facebook, and various platform requirements

Cost-efficient & scalable AI image extender for your business

Expand your images effortlessly at scale with our API integration. Seamlessly incorporate Claid for efficient, automated image outpainting