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AI image upscale API: improve low resolution quality in seconds’s advanced algorithms automatically upscale images, adjusting the resolution and aspect ratio to desired settings.
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Ido Grosberg

Ido Grosberg

Engineering Team Lead at Mixtiles

“Using Claid API, we’ve basically taken a shortcut. We don't have to worry about image quality. So we've solved a common problem we faced with user-generated content. This part is also fully automated. It’s not something we need to worry about.”


Restore the quality of images at scale's API is capable of restoring the quality of the most distorted and highly compressed images preparing them for printing, or publishing on your digital platforms.

Quality Restoration API documentation
Restore quality


Resize images to required resolution and aspect ratio

Claid API for image resizing enables image adaptation for diverse platforms and enhances user experiences and reducing resource costs. Essential for better SEO performance of your product photos.

Image Upscale API documentation
Resize image

Enhancing Image Quality: Pixel-perfect Visuals for your Business

Improve your visual content with's upscale API, tailored for enhancing faces, text, art and e-commerce imagery.


Enlarge images at scale

Integrate Claid APIs directly in your products. Quickly test API with Pro subscription

How upscaled an image can be? 
You can upscale the image up to 64 MP. If you need bigger images, please reach out to us at
Can I upscale my image by 4x, 8x, 16x only?
No, you can also specify the exact target resolution of the image or specify the upscale parameter in percentages. Please find more information on all the API upscale options here.
Can AI automatically choose which upscale operation to use on my image?
We are working on an algorithm that would allow automatically choose the upscale operation based on the input image. In the meantime, please specify the upscale operation you would like to use in your request.

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