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Case study

Rappi Boosts Productivity by 25% and Speeds Up Restaurant Onboarding with Claid

Use case:
Food Photography Enhancement
Food Delivery Marketplace
Overview. Rappi faced a challenge with slow restaurant onboarding due to manual image editing. They implemented Claid's API for photo enhancement, achieving 25% productivity increase, 42% time saved in image editing, and 33% more restaurants on the platform. This also helped reduce SLA from 9 days to 1.2 days.
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What is Rappi?

Rappi is a top delivery app in Latin America, operating in 9 countries. Founded in 2015 in Colombia, Rappi makes it easy to order anything from restaurant meals to groceries and pharmacy items.

Rappi aims to boost commerce in Latin America through technology. The company enables consumers to access goods and services on-demand. It also helps small businesses reach more customers and flexibly earn income through deliveries.

By connecting users, restaurants, stores and couriers, Rappi has become a vital platform for commerce across the region.

Challenge: Manual Image Editing Slowed Onboarding

To get each new restaurant onboarded and selling quickly, Rappi needed high-quality product images edited and uploaded to their app. But manually editing and formatting hundreds of photos per restaurant was slowing things down.



Manually editing and formatting all the photos for each new restaurant was really inefficient. Our agents had to configure and add every single image one by one in Photoshop. With the huge volume of restaurants across all the countries we operate in, this manual process became a major bottleneck slowing everything down.

Alain Abud, Ops Manager at Rappi


With some stores supplying 100+ menu items, the image editing and formatting process could take days per restaurant. This delayed launch times and sales.

Solution: Claid API for Automated Photo Enhancement

Rappi turned to Claid's API for an automated solution to their image editing needs.

Instead of laborious manual editing, Rappi sends photos to Claid in batches. Claid processes these photos to:

  • Increase resolution for clearer images
  • Enhance details for better product representation
  • Improve image quality and clarity
  • Correct colors and lighting for a more natural look
Claid API improves resolution, quality, and colors

With Claid API integrated into their CRM, Rappi streamlined their image editing process. This automation lets restaurants get their enhanced images ready for upload in minutes, significantly speeding up onboarding.


The Results: Faster Onboarding, More Sales

Integrating Claid brought tangible benefits.



"Claid has been an awesome partner for Rappi! They helped us increase the number of restaurants on our platform by 33%. Plus, they made it way quicker and easier for us to update restaurant info and manage our stores. With their amazing upscaling and HDR API, our editing process became top-notch. We saved 42% of time on editing and 28% on managing restaurants. Overall, we got 25% more stuff done! Claid's solutions totally improved how we work and made our customers happier. We highly recommend them."



The effects were far-reaching, as Rappi’s Alain Abud pointed out, "The sooner a restaurant gets ready to sell, it will be more successful in the market." He further added, "Stores with better images have 3x more probability of someone buying."

With Claid's integration playing a key role among several optimization efforts, Rappi was able to reduce their average onboarding time from around 9 days to just 1.2 days.



Rappi was also able to optimize operations in the photo editing department, translating to considerable cost savings for the company.


The Road Ahead

Rappi and Claid have made big strides together. The results? A faster, smarter process for getting restaurant photos ready for customers.



Claid is an ally that helps us improve and optimize the process of image editing. It's been invaluable.

Alain Abud, Ops Manager at Rappi


But we're not stopping there. We're looking at new features, like Claid's tool that turns text into images, which could change how Rappi shows menu items to its users. In simple terms, Rappi and Claid are on a journey. We're exploring how new tech can make a great delivery service even better.