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Case study

Pictorem & Claid: Making Art Printing Better with AI

Use case:
Enhancing and generating images for printing
AI art printing
Overview. Pictorem, an art printing company, has teamed up with Claid. Using Claid's AI, they now upscale images faster and offer AI-generated art. This has sped up their service and brought new creative options to their customers.
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About Pictorem

Pictorem, starting from a Montreal garage, has grown into an international art printing leader. Their mission extends beyond printing; they aim to empower artists and art enthusiasts globally.

Variety of print options available on Pictorem, including canvas, acrylic, and metal

Having shipped over 400,000 art pieces to 151 countries, Pictorem provides a platform for artists to showcase and sell their work, helping them gain recognition and connect with new audiences. Their commitment to quality printing is intertwined with their support for the arts community, fostering a network that celebrates diverse artistic expressions.

Challenge: Seeking efficiency and uniqueness

Pictorem was looking for ways to speed up their order process and offer something different. 

"Our goal was to find a tool that would help us work faster and stand out," shares Fabian Dormoy, President of Pictorem. They wanted a solution that would keep them ahead in the competitive market.

Solution: Easy setup with Claid

Pictorem chose Claid by for its clear communication and straightforward services. "Their team explained everything simply, making our decision easy," says Fabian Dormoy.

Integrating Claid into Pictorem's workflow turned out to be much easier than anticipated. "I have some programming knowledge, and I was surprised to get everything up and running in less than a day," Dormoy reveals. The clear documentation on the website and the prompt support from the Claid team made the integration process quick and seamless.

This easy integration meant Pictorem could start using the new tech fast, without interrupting their usual business.

Results: Quicker image processing and exciting new AI art features

The integration of Claid significantly sped up Pictorem's image upscaling process. "We've noticed a real time-saving in our workflow. Most of our graphic designers now prefer the upscaled images, which cuts down a few seconds on many orders," explains Fabian Dormoy. This efficiency is crucial in handling their high volume of orders more effectively.

“We're seeing real benefits from Let's Enhance & Claid’s tech – it's not just about faster image processing, it's about opening doors to new forms of creativity and connection with our audience,” Dormoy shares.

Additionally, the introduction of the text-to-image AI generator has opened up new possibilities. Although it's a recent addition, it's already showing promise in attracting more interest to Pictorem's website. "The AI art feature has started creating a buzz. It's not just about the sales; it's about offering something new and exciting to our customers. We see it as a long-term investment to bring more creativity and choices to our site," says Pictorem's president.

What’s next: More improvements and growth

Pictorem is planning to use more features from Let's Enhance & Claid, like better resolution upscaling, image resizing and expanding their AI art options. "We're excited to keep adding more tech to improve our prints and offer more unique art," adds Dormoy. They're focused on blending art with the latest technology to create prints that stand out.

Pictorem's story is all about their dedication to quality and keeping their customers happy. By using this new technology, they're not just printing images; they're leading the way in combining art with tech, making each print special.