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From Hours to Minutes: Caranty's Faster, Better Car Listings with Claid

Use case:
Automated car photo enhancement
Online marketplace for used cars
Overview. Caranty trimmed their photo editing time from up to 2 hours per car to just 2 minutes with Claid. The Claid integration led to quicker listings, consistently high-quality photos, and automatic license plate blurring for added privacy.
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Meet Caranty: Safe and Simple Car Sales

Based in Mexico, Caranty is an online platform that makes buying and selling of used and low-mileage cars easy and safe. What sets it apart is its user-friendly approach: instead of acting like a traditional dealership, Caranty empowers individuals to set their own prices and negotiate directly, saving both parties money.

This focus on direct dealing is backed by secure payment handling, adding a layer of trust to each transaction. And for those who need a little financial boost, Caranty offers loan options to make car buying even more accessible.

Started in 2020 by Fernando Roldan and Miguel Bulnes, Caranty has quickly become a trusted place for people who want to buy or sell a car without the usual headaches.

Challenges: The Bottlenecks in Caranty’s Photo Workflow

Before Claid, Caranty faced hurdles in photo editing efficiency and consistency. Here's what they aimed to improve:

Mixed-Quality Photos: Before using Claid, Caranty had a range of photo quality, from good to not-so-good. Since sellers uploaded these photos, it was a challenge to keep quality consistent, affecting user trust.

Time Drain on Manual Editing: Initially, each photo was edited by hand—a process that became too time-consuming, especially as more people started listing their cars.

Weekend Backlog: Before, if a customer uploaded photos over the weekend, the designer faced a backlog on Monday. Cars wouldn't appear on the platform until Tuesday.

Privacy is Key: Visible license plates in some photos posed a privacy issue.

Web Speed: The aim was to keep each photo size under 1800 KB to prevent website slowdowns, especially for mobile users.

Solution: From HDR to Blurring Plates—Getting Photos Spot-On

Recognizing that their manual editing approach was falling short, Caranty integrated Claid's suite of tools into their photo upload process.

Claid's Tools in Caranty's Workflow

Background Removal: Cars stand out better against a clean background.

Smart Resizing and Cropping: Photos now conform to a standard size, giving the website a unified look.

Left: Input car photo—off-center and low-res. Right: Aligned and resized to give a consistent marketplace experience

HDR Adjustment: AI helps balance lighting, ensuring neither dark nor bright areas distract from the car.

Car Plate Blurring: To address privacy concerns, license plates are automatically blurred.

JPEG Cleanup: Decompression eliminates any digital noise for cleaner photos.

Size Optimization: The best part? All these improvements don’t increase the photo size, keeping the site quick and responsive.

From cluttered to clean: Clear background, balanced lighting, optimized size

💡 Extra Insight: Caranty also did A/B testing on using Claid’s background blurring. Some liked the focus it gave the car, but others felt it made the car look too polished, almost unreal.

Thanks to Claid, the worry over photo quality has been lifted. As Caranty’s CTO Arturo Diaz puts it, “My job is to connect car buyers and sellers, not to worry about photo editing. Having a partner like Claid lets us focus on what we do best.”

Results: Better Listings, Happier Customers

After refining their photo editing, Caranty saw both speed and quality rise. Here are the noteworthy changes:

Faster Listings: Caranty slashed their photo processing time from a long 1-2 hours per car down to just 2 minutes, thanks to Claid. Now, cars are published almost instantly after a quick verification. 

Consistent, High-Quality Images: Not only did the photo processing time drop, but the quality of each image improved too. This boost has been a win-win, making the platform more trustworthy for both sellers and buyers.

Users Noticed: Before, some sellers sent in photos that weren't showing their cars in the best light. After Claid’s touch-up, they were amazed, asking, "Wow, did I really take that picture?”, shared Arturo Diaz. Buyers have taken a note as well, saying the photos look really good.

" has been an absolute game-changer for our online marketplace. Their advanced AI technology has revolutionized how we process and present car photos. With, we no longer need to worry about manually enhancing and hiding license plates. It’s like having a team of experts working behind the scenes to deliver top-notch, high-quality images that truly captivate our customers. Thanks to, our website now showcases cars in their best light, giving us a competitive edge in the market" 

- Arturo Diaz, CTO of Caranty

What’s Next

Caranty plans to keep fine-tuning their photo process as they grow. They've seen firsthand how Claid's tools can make a difference, and they're interested in exploring more options down the line.

One feature that caught Caranty's eye is Claid's Generative Resize. It can turn vertical photos into horizontal ones, filling the expanded borders with realistic content. It's another step toward making every listing picture-perfect.

In a market where first impressions often depend on photos, Caranty knows the value of getting it right.

Ready to make your own first impressions count? Sign up and explore what Claid has to offer.