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New Claid is here: Your all-in-one AI product photography suite

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The brand new Claid has arrived and it makes creating stunning product photos easier than ever. With our new unified interface, next-gen AI tools, and flexible plans, you can achieve professional-looking images that showcase your products beautifully.

 Let's explore how Claid can help you create great product photos faster.

A new intuitive interface for all your product photo needs

We've completely redesigned Claid's user interface to be more intuitive and user-friendly. 

All the tools you need to create stunning product photos are now in one place. Enhance image quality, boost clarity, fix colors, remove backgrounds, and generate new backgrounds – all with just a few clicks. 

Claid's new unified interface puts everything at your fingertips, streamlining your image editing workflow and saving you time.


Create studio-quality product photos in seconds

Claid's improved background generation uses next-gen AI, allowing you to place your products in even more realistic and beautiful scenes. With increased base resolution, your images will have enhanced clarity and detail, making them look truly professional.

Whether you need to showcase your products in a new setting or extend your images for better composition, Claid AI-powered tools make it easy to achieve stunning results quickly.


Get higher resolutions and advanced tools

Claid now supports outpainting up to 16 MP (4K/4000x4000), ensuring your photos are crisp and detailed for all your marketing needs. 


Our AI image tools help you achieve professional-grade results faster. With just a few clicks, you can remove backgrounds, adjust colors, and fix lighting issues, giving you polished, ready-to-use images that grab attention. 


Keep your image versions organized and accessible

New Claid introduces an improved image history, making it easier to manage your image assets and browse through different stages of your edited photos. The operation history allows you to undo or redo changes with just a click, giving you the flexibility to experiment with different edits and find the perfect look for your product images.


15 AI image tools in one API – automate your entire workflow

Get your hands on all 15 of Claid's game-changing AI image tools, right inside your own apps! Our API makes it incredibly easy to automate and scale your image workflow from start to finish.

Generate images from text, edit and enhance them, and even create stunning AI backgrounds – all with a few simple API calls. Whether you need background removal, lighting correction, or image resizing, Claid API has got you covered. Transform your product photos, create marketing visuals that pop, and deliver high-quality images that'll impress your customers. 

With our new self-serve API plans, you can get started immediately. Just choose the plan that fits your needs, and start integrating Claid's superpowers into your apps today!

Choose the right plan for your needs

Our new free trial lets you upload your photos and test all of Claid's features without any limits on processing. 

How it works: 

  1. Start free. Create a Claid account and get instant access to our premium features.
  2. Upload up to 5 images and try Claid tools without limits.
  3. Upgrade to one of our online tiers or self-served API plans anytime.

Whether you're a small business looking for essential features or an enterprise needing advanced capabilities, New Claid offers flexible plans that fit your specific requirements. Our new Professional plan includes higher input and output resolutions, advanced tools, and an API starter pack, providing great value for your investment.

Try New Claid today

See the difference Claid can make for your product photography. Start your free trial now and discover how our AI-powered tools can help you create stunning images that showcase your products and drive your business forward

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May 10, 2024