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Backgrounds 2.0: Get studio-quality product shots in seconds

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Place your products into stunning scenes in no time with the new Backgrounds 2.0. Our latest update brings you sharper, more realistic images in a flash, so you can update listings and launch campaigns faster than ever.

From shoot to store in a snap with Backgrounds 2.0


Create beautiful product photos in a flash

Just like our new Freeform AI Photoshoot, the Template-based mode has received a major update. Now when you generate product photos using our curated templates or your own backgrounds, the results look even more stunning and professional.


Beautiful and realistic. Our AI now produces images with a more realistic and professional look. Improved shadow and reflection handling ensures your products blend naturally with their backgrounds, enhancing the overall visual appeal.


Sharp details. Enjoy higher resolution for crisp, clear images. Generate in 1024x1024 and easily upscale to 4K and beyond. 


Creating the exact look you want with prompts. In AI Photoshoot 2.0, the AI is even better following your descriptions.

Just type a few keywords such as  'warm sunset background' and see how AI turns them into the final image

Also, finding the right angle for your product shots just got simpler. Our AI smartly adjusts to ensure the best fit for your images. Plus, we've upgraded our handling of transparent objects in PNG formats.


Get ahead with images that sell

Discover how Backgrounds 2.0 can transform your eCommerce business, offering fast, high-quality imagery that enhances your online presence.

Here’s what you can expect.

Instant professional imagery for lightning-fast listings

Make your products look their best without the wait. Claid instantly turns your product shots into stunning, store-ready images, keeping your listings updated and customer engagement high.

Win with stunning visuals, created instantly


Launch ad campaigns at the speed of your ideas

Move from idea to ad campaign swiftly. The updated backgrounds generator helps marketers prototype and visualize ad creatives quickly, keeping your campaigns fresh and responsive.

Plug Backgrounds 2.0 into the tools you love

Large inventory? No problem. Our API links directly with your systems, automating product image generation and editing. It's straightforward: set it up, and watch your product images update automatically.

Plus, with Zapier, Claid connects to the apps you already use without any coding. Sync it with your CRM, eCommerce platform, or storage – making managing product photos easier and faster.

Get started with Backgrounds 2.0

Just sign up for a free Claid account and instantly elevate your product imagery. Simple, swift, and transformative - your journey to stunning visuals begins now.

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February 29, 2024