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Next generation of Let’s Enhance API

Claid API is a product by Let’s Enhance that enables the creation of advanced editing workflows to enhance quality, remove backgrounds and more


Shadow generator

Automatically generate shadows for standing/flatlay products on white or colored canvas

Early access  

Generative resize

Create multiple sizes and ratios for images to fit multiple marketplace requirements. This API automatically generates new content based on the original ones, all without the need for prompts


Generate background

Automatically generate engaging lifestyle photos for your marketing, ads, and listings.Turn a single product photo into numerous unique, realistic and appealing visuals that engage your customers and showcase your brand style



The upscale operation allows you to improve the overall quality of an image by rendering out new pixels. The upscale operation works along with Resizing through numeric or percentage values for upscaling


Background removal

Remove or blur backgrounds automatically in seconds. This operation works with multiple categories like cars, products and general to cover different use cases


Smart frame

Resize any format with additional free space around your product. Use parameters like clipping and padding for more consistency and control


Light AI

Add character and vibrancy to images with the color and lighting correction features. This API can dynamically recognize underexposed areas and adjust where needed while preserving original colors


License plate blur

Automatically blur found license plates on the image to fit privacy requirements



Turn words into impressive artwork and digital assets for your projects with a text-to-image AI generator. Combine with Upscale operation for extra quality needed for design and prints


Tune images at scale

Integrate Claid APIs directly in your products. Quickly test API with Pro subscription

What is Claid API? How is it different from letsenhance.io?
Claid API is a product by Let’s Enhance that enables you to edit and generate images at scale. It can be viewed as its advanced version, as it offers a wider range of functionality and enables you to process larger image volumes.
How can I start testing Claid API?
Claid API is a self-serve product. You can set up your account on Claid.ai and start using the API version right away. Please follow our Quick Start Guide to integrate with Claid API. After registering a new account, you will have 50 free credits to start testing.
How can I get more credits for testing?
You can start with our plan of 1000 images per month. In case you need more credits per month, please contact us using the “Talk to us” button on the Pricing page.
Can I combine multiple operations in one workflow?
Our API has three sub-components: Image Editing API, Image Generation API, and AI Photoshoot API. You can combine any operations within any of these sub-components in one API request. If you would like to combine operations from two sub-components, this would require you to make 2 separate API requests.
I’m getting a “Too many requests. Rate limit exceeded” error message. What should I do?
By default, users may issue up to 120 requests per minute and 4 requests per second. You might need to set up throttling on your side not to hit this limit.
I’m not getting expected results. What should I do?
In case you are having issues with achieving satisfying results with Claid API, please reach out to our support team at support@claid.ai. We will be happy to look into your case and provide you with more specific recommendations tailored to your images and desired results.
Can I use the credits from my letsenhance.io account for Claid API?
No, to be able to process images via Claid API you need to create the account on Claid.ai and generate the API key.